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Albert Fok

I just bought a Smooth 7.35 treadmill from smooth Canada.
The invoice shows 7.35R and I don't realize the actual difference of the two.
I received the machine and found out there are non compliance with their specification shown on their web. First is the roller size - it is only 2" instead of 2.5",
Second is the weight of the machine shows clearly on the box 100 kg , or 220 pounds instead of 271pounds which is 50 pounds less.
I don't know how these factors in real affect the performance , sturdiness and service life for moving or non moving components. But for sure if I have to reconsidering of choosing a treadmill again this factors may lead me to look for other brands .
I was told from the smooth team that I cannot return the machine without any freight charges for I have sign the shippment paper from the shipper as acceptance .
I have no choice of keeping the machine.
I test run it and it is acceptable, but I am up set about this shopping experience.
My advice for viewers: do not trust figures shown on the specifications, feel and see for yourself , in this world there are always liars.

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