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A Long Relationship

by Bobbi B. Jacobo
(Omaha, Nebraska)

My Image 10.6Q treadmill was bought at Sears in Dec. of 1999.

I think that that may have been the biggest home treadmills around, at the time. Three years ago the mother board burned out, as they are known to do. I am thinking of getting the board remanufactured by an expert in the business, now.

So, had the treadmill for about 14 years of 3 to 5 times a week use before the mother board went bad. I have been thinking alot of fixing it because it was so enjoyable to use. The large 22'' X 60'' running sure was a dream, the incline always worked, so did the pre set programs, although I preferred to use the manual program.

There are several drawbacks.

1. The machine is no longer made so that if you want one you will have to buy used.

2. The running belt does seem to off center to the left at the rear of the treadmill so that simple re alignment is necessary about every third time you use it.

3. It isn't very quiet, not really noisy but not quiet either. There are no such attachments as for iFit, or WiFi or anything internet on it.

Also, heart monitor is worthless.

The good

1. If you can find one, as on eBay or Craigslist you can get it for just hundreds of dollars.

2. It is BIG but it does fold up, vertically. Has two front wheels to push it around with.

3. Alot of parts are still available for it.
4. I really like the face, dash board and the big bright readouts on it. Love the big track led image that shows your progress.

5. Book holder and water bottle holder on dashboard.

My personal observation about this machine:

Going back in time I would have bought it all over again for what I got out of it. Also, even on a surge protector...I would never leave this machine plugged in, when not in use. Unplug the whole thing, surge protector and all. I think that the electronics would last longer.

Mine was listed as $1,999.99 back in 1999.I bought the floor model which was the last one that they had, before Christmas at Sears, and paid $999.00 for it. I hope this is of some help.

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