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7 years going on 8

by Gerard
(Phoenix AZ.)

910HR model used on and off and sometimes heavy use for extended periods.

What can I say? It has been perfect and just today after 7 years I discovered I should have been lubricating it now and then. Definately now!
I mean using silicone on the deck.

I don't program it at all as I just use the controlls on the fly to adjust the speed and incline as I want.

My son does program it for his running.

My wife uses it like I do as some days she wants to burn and other days she wants to simmer.

I strongly recommend this Treadmill to any family that can put it someplace where there is a TV or other entertainment available while doing your thing. That is the key for my family. The TV.
Without it usage goes WAY down by one and all.

So think about that too as these things are not cheap. Flat place with a TV. It should be in it's own place ideally so your kids can watch whatever crap they like or listen to their crappy music without disturbing you.And of course the reverse is true too.

It is yours so stick it in your own place if you want and make them suffer YOUR TV programs and music as there is no doubt that it will do them some good.

Peace, Gerard

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