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6 year old Bodyguard Raddison model with 2600 miles so far.

by Peter Wolf
(Newport News, VA)

We purchased the Bodyguard Raddison model in 2004. Even though I've grown tired of this model, it has faithfully served our purpose. It is a solid machine with no hint that it may be tired of doing its job. All the functions still work, no burned out lights even though it stays on 24/7. The plastic glued on part of the console came loose and I finally glued it back together after 4 years. Other than scraping a mouse carcass off the roller, (poor thing must have thought the belt was a nest.) this thing won't die. My model was made in Canada before the company's 2008 move to China.

Things I like:
1)Durability on belt and all the components.
2)Relatively quietness compared to other models at same speeds.
3)Non-folded frame with solid construction and a small footprint.
4)Simple design, however, this is also a negative as seen below.
5)Warranty was ahead of its competitors at the time, but now considered normal.
6)No visible wear on the belt, top side or underside.
7)No maintenance is required other than consumer level maintenance requiring no additional products or parts. I've centered the belt on rare occasions. Oh and I've opened it up to vacuum some dust out and to lubricate the height adjustment screw once.

Things that make me want a new treadmill:
1)It only has an 18" belt. I've come close to stepping on the frame a few times.
2)Only speeds up to 10MPH making interval workouts peak at that speed.
3)Only came standard with a front bar below the console and parallel to it. Expensive side handlebars are optional.
4)No program buttons or quick speed or elevation buttons. This requires constant pressing of the up or down arrows for speed or elevation. Speed changes in .1 MPH increments each press. Holding the button speeds the process up however.

All in all, the bells and whistles are VERY limited on this model, but also has made this model have zero problems in nearly 7 years. All belt adjustments are easy to make but just following the instructions from the manual.

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