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10k treadmill

by charles
(bham al)

I have own a 10k treadmill for about 7 to 8 years now...I can truly say that I am completely satified with wife and I have put untold mileage on it,and the only problem that I have had with it is the front roller started to slip on the belt wheel (time to check the warranty)...after calling the company and talking to a tech for about 10 minutes, he told me quickly what the problem was and how I could replace it myself to save down time...I received the replacement part within a few days (no questions asked),,,,change the part in just a few minutes, and back on the road I went (or should I say treadmill). The treadmill is very quiet. You can watch tv, listen to music or read with no distraction. I love the machine and would not hesitate to recommend it or one similar to anyone


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