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True Treadmill 500 SE

by David
(Austin, Texas)

This has been a great treadmill and I've been totally satisfied with it, but we recently moved it, and had to disconnect the pedestal from the base to make the move. When we put it back together, the elevation now works in reverse. When the treadmill is powered on, the deck elevates to maximum position rather than lowering as it is supposed to do. Once it is in use, the up buttion lowers the deck and the down button raises the deck. I have to think this is some kind of reassembly problem but there aren't many ways to screw that up. I took it apart and reassembled with the same result. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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Mar 05, 2013
ups & downs

Look at the + & - on your lift motor sounds as if there reversed.

Jan 12, 2012
True Treadmill problems
by: Barry

There is a True Troubleshooting guide on line for download. Also True technical support by the manufacturer is very helpful. Were you able to calibrate it? Servicemen are very expensive but there are many parts easily replaced. Could be damage to the cable from the top console board to the motor control lower board. Could be a problem or height adjustment of the lower limiter switch (an inexpensive part).

Nov 26, 2011
Had A Similar Poblem
by: Anonymous

You're lucky yours goes down. I have the same treadmill and have loved it but I also had to take it apart a few times when I moved. It would only go up and not down. I had to hire a treadmill repair person who at least got it down. I have to keep it down since I won't be able to get it down on my own.

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