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Purchasing Questions

by Mark
(Central, KS USA)

Looking to purchase a new treadmill for walking that offers exceptional cushioning as my wife has arthritis.

As this has to go in our basement, projected reliability is high on our list and we don't want to do this again.

We aren't close to a metropolitan area so service rep's won't be close.

I'm the tallest at 6' and heaviest at 175. Having tried the Sole treadmills at Dick's, we are thinking about the Sole F80 with it's 40% cushioning feature but it seems like overkill since we don't see ourselves even jogging (but can't rule that out).

In calling a Sole rep, they stated the F63 has a 30% cushioning feature.

I'm guessing these percentages are based on running so I don't know if they translate to walking (any ideas?).

We really would like to keep it in the $1500 or less range and are open to other brands if you have suggestions.

Or what your thoughts are if we would actually notice a difference getting the F80 as opposed to the F63.

We have room for the Sole's in our rec room, but they seem rather large as we plan to only walk on them.

Reading reviews online hasn't given me any clarity yet.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

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Dec 03, 2015
Sole F80
by: Marissa


Thanks for comments and sorry for delayed response.

From your usage description, i would strongly recommend going with the F63. You wouldn't need the extras provided on the F80 i.e larger surface, higher motor power, etc. Since you plan on walking, this would be a better option

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