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My F80 quit working after 54 hours

by john

My F80 quit working after 54 hours. The slow speed error came up on the console. I called for repair and the operator told me "a technician will contact you in 2-3 days". I called the store where I purchased it to complain. Several hours later I get a call from Sole telling me that they are fed ex'ing a part to me and that a technician will cal in 2 - 3 days.

This is unacceptable, if they know what part to send, they must have a common problem with the treadmill. I never recieved any correspondance that there was a problem with my model of treadmill.

I am sorry that I bought it.

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Aug 18, 2017
Sole F60 NEW
by: Anonymous

We bought a Sole F60 and the incline does not work. At the recommendation of Sole technicians we have replaced the incline motor, data cable and computer board. The incline still does not work. I feel like we wasted our money. Regardless of other reviews on other websites that rate Sole highly, I would recommend people seriously consider other alternatives. They may not be any better than Sole, but I do not see how they can be any worse. Long story short, treadmill does not work and Sole does not stand behind it.

Jul 22, 2017
LS1 Resolved
by: Anonymous

Sole Treadmill was giving LS1. The drive belt is very sensitive.

If you have it too tight it will draw more amps and cause LS1. I adjusted my drive belt from being too tight to slightly slipping.

I then adjusted the bolt two turns to just get it past the slipping. That's all it needed. No more LS1.

Jan 13, 2017
Sole 80
by: Anonymous

My Milwaukee super sawzall with a general purpose metal blade fixed it for ever.

After looking at components I found the motor was garbage and all that nonsense of not enough lube under belt is stupid.

Oct 10, 2016
Bypass bad RT1 on Controller Board
by: Gene M

Besides checking that the green LED on the motor controller board (in the lower part of the treadmill) flashed once for every revolution of the motor wheel that drives the belt that spins the treadmill and adjusting the speed sensor's position next to that wheel if it does not, I'll add one other thing to look at if you have not replaced your controller board with a brand new from the factory already.

There is a fat square loop of bare wire that acts as a jumper between two very thick copper traces on the motor controller board.

The white component marking next to it is "RT1". Take a good look at where it connects to the board.

If either connection looks black or otherwise different than other similar solder joints on the board, it is likely you board has the same problem mine did.

That jumper supplies the very high current juice to the motor, and when such a connection is not so good, it heats up and makes the connection even worse.

All of the sudden the juice going to the motor is diminished, because it's busy heating up that joint instead, the motor goes slower than it should, and your properly adjusted speed sensor tells the controller that is so.

It tries to correct, but that makes the joint even hotter and even less juice goes to the motor. Eventually the controller figures out something is wrong and shuts things down - and you get an LSI speed error.

Anyway, how do you fix this for virtually nothing? Notice that right next to that jumper there's another EMPTY set of pads that are marked RT2. Notice also that they connect to the same place on the board as the RT1 jumper. You simply need to solder a piece of wire about the same size as the RT1 jumper across the two RT2 pads. Some advice on doing that. UNPLUG the machine.

Take pictures of every wire connection to the board so you know where to put wires back to (further hint - there are two white and two black single wires. You'll probably confuse them when you plug them back in. The THINNER white and black go next to the red wire).

Make sure your pictures show the orientation of the connectors - at least one is a bit confusing. Remove the board. Find a nerd that has a soldering iron if you don't or are uncomfortable using one - they'll understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Put it all back together and be thankful someone besides you was too cheap to shell out $300 on a new board and did better.

Sep 17, 2016
low speed errors
by: Anonymous

Worked great for maybe a year then out of nowhere low speed error. Nightmare from there so you better buy that extended warranty you will need it. Had control board replaced twice, entire deck once, speed sensor twice. It happens randomly of course after 20 minutes so the tech guys never know if its really fixed, and it never is.
At this point the whole tread mill other then the motor is all new still low speed errors.
Good luck if you get it hopefully its a simple thing like speed sensor.

Jul 13, 2016
ls1 error - on F80 treadmill
by: Anonymous

My Sole f80 works great... for hanging clothes on...

Yet another ls1 error.

Company told me it was most likely the belt and that was a wear item.

150 bux to see if that might fix it... rather add some to it for a different brand and rid my life of one less problem.

Mar 14, 2016
Check your belt
by: Anonymous

My F80 started throwing the dreaded LS1 error and wouldn't resolve with recalibration, cleaning the motor, lubing, etc.

It turns out that my belt was worn and the deck had grooves.

Sole replaced the deck for free and I got a replacement OEM belt from Spirit ( and some fresh silicone lube.

Once everything was back together the LS1 problem went away.

I didn't think my belt was dry but in fact it was. I was using the Lube-N-Walk kit previously and I guess it either didn't work or I didn't apply enough.

Now I just use squeeze bottle silicone from Amazon.

Good luck!

Sep 30, 2015
Low speed error
by: Tracy

Used my Sole treadmill about twenty times went to get on it this morning and I too am getting a low speed error and it won't turn on!!

Piece of crap- was working fine last time I used it.

Very frustrating after reading that they have these problems a lot wish I would have done more research before spending so much money on this brand.

Sep 02, 2015
My F80 stopped after 700 miles - Low speed error problem
by: Anonymous

This is the worst purchase I have ever made. No response from the company. Poor product. Do not purchase!

Mar 25, 2015
sole treadmill JUNK
by: Anonymous

First off I owned Walmart treadmill that lasted five years that I paid $200 for and up sonic for 100 when I was done with it after five years.

Bought a sole F 80 paid $2000 and bought the extended warning and it was down more than it work - one controller replaced, 01 switch replaced, three Computer controllers, the main belt three and other miscellaneous issues that the tech had to come out for.

initially it didn't work more than a week and I would not recommend this treadmill to anyone on the planet biggest.

Complete waste of money I ever spent in my life

Jan 31, 2015
Possible Fix
by: Anonymous

I got a low speed error on another brand treadmill made by the same company.

But after a few Google searches, I was able to fix the problem.

Take off the main housing cover and check your speed sensor on the motor side near the front roller.

mine had some debris on it (metal shavings from manufacturing) that were interfering with the sensor.

Once I removed them it worked fine.

No more low speed errors. Hope this helps!

Nov 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

Just bought this today unit today.

Took about 1 hour to setup.

Pressed START for the very first time.

Belt went for 5 secs and the error popped up.

Did calibration and it has no effect.

Tried to call support, they are closed on Sunday.

VERY VERY VERY Disappointed.

This is CRAP. Many reviews indicated a good unit, but not for me apparently and those here as well.

Will try to have it fixed and ask for money back for days I can't use it as their support hours SUCK!


Please, return and ask for a refund, while you still can. The QC in the industry is very low. If you get a defective item, don't try to get it fix, as for your money back or a new item as replacement.

Nov 10, 2014
Sole f63 (LS1 issue)
by: Anonymous

Bought my Sole F93. 2 months ago and had no problems until recently.

The LS1 showed up on the display and the belt would not turn at all. I tried calibrating it but that didn't work.

I took the motor housing off to see if anything stood out to me.

Everything looked ok except the belt from the motor to the deck seemed very tight.

So I loosened the motor and took the tension off the belt. Retightened the motor bolts and tried the treadmill.

It seems to be working fine now.

I ran the calibration test without incident.

Jun 27, 2014
Sole F85 Stopped Working
by: Anonymous

It is 6/27/2014 and I purchased the Sole F85 on 10/13/2013.

It stopped working while I was warming up (6 minutes) last week.

Called yesterday and they thought a button was stuck, so I took apart a few things (they recommended) and that didn't work.

Called back and they are sending out a new console.

There are no errors on my machine, just stuck in store mode or something.

Paid way to much for this machine to crap out this soon.

Jun 26, 2014
by: Anonymous


This company is horrible and a waste of MONEY..

I hope they go bankrupt and I suggest no one to ever purchase their product!

Everything BREAKS only 50 hours on it..WOW

Mar 20, 2014
Me Too
by: Anonymous

I just bought a Sole F85. treadmill, directly from Sole.

After my husband and I carefully carried the 400# POS to my workout room and put it together, we were disappointed to see the L1Low Spped error.

This was on a Saturday. I called Sole tech support, and after a few minutes it was determined that the motor control board was faulty, or maybe the motor.

He would have both shipped out next buiness day and a technician would call me to st up appt. I got a confirmation email that said I would recieve tracking number once item shipped.

By Tuesday, no tracking number. I called again to complain and was told that request had not been sent to Fedex. It is now Thursday-- parts have just now been picked up by Fedex, ETA is Friday.

First available appt for tech repair is end of next week.

Very disappointed! I buy a $2000 TM that I have to look at for 2 weeks.

Dec 18, 2013
Low Speed warning
by: Anonymous

I purchased the Sole F60. about a week ago and the LS warning error message has come on and I can't get it to work anymore.

I purchases this at Dick's Sporting Goods and hope I can bring it back and get a refund.

Aug 13, 2013
Sole F60
by: Louis

WOW, I wish I would've found this site before buying my Sole F60.

I had a much less expensive treadmill that lasted for 8 years, I've had this one for 5 months and just started getting the low speed error.

Unbelievable. I bought mine at Sears with the extra warranty so Sears is sending out a technician, I hope they fix it.

I'm under 200 lbs and run on it 3 times a week, loved it until it went out.

I'll post back after the tech comes out.

Jul 02, 2013
Don't Buy One
by: Anonymous

My mom uses her treadmill every single day, so it gets used a lot.

This treadmill couldn't even last a year! She weighs under 200 lbs, and the motor went out in the first year! A year later the motor went out again.

This time it was more than just the motor, and they still haven't fixed it all the way yet.

It has been over a month of shipping this part and that part and each week trying a different part.

It also won't let me use it, and I am under the weight limit. It gives me low speed, no matter what I do.

I am a bigger man (286 and six foot two), but that is ridiculous.

Save yourself a headache and buy a different brand.

Aug 21, 2011
Sole F63
by: Anonymous

I bought a Sole F63 in June and it's now August, I ran on it every day until the roller pin broke and now it doesn't work right. I cannot use it so I had to go buy a Pacemaster (far superior machine). I'm sorry for anyone who has purchased a Sole Treadmill.

They should market these things as "light walking treadmills", because from the second I stepped on that thing I had a feeling it was going to break somewhere, and I weigh under 200 so there's no excuse.

Mar 20, 2010
Low speed error
by: Mike B

I bought an F85 in February - I purchased what I thought was the more robust F85 in the hopes it would last longer. In the past I bought much less expensive treadmills and the belt always wore out after a couple of years - it cost as much to replace the belt as buy a new one.

After two uses, I started getting the low speed error. It starts slow for about 5 seconds, speeds up for a few seconds, and then I get the error.

When I called Sole there was no mention that this is a common problem, despite what I now see from several posts.

A technician called me about 48 hours after I called and emailed me instructions on adjusting the sensor. I did this, it seems to have mitigated the problem to dome degree but didn't fix it. It still won't calibrate without getting the error.

I'm not happy with this machine. $2000 for something to take up space. I did better with the $500 treadmill I had before.

Feb 15, 2010
SOLE Treadmill PIece of Crap
by: Anonymous

I got my SOLE treadmill missing a part, and then after two days of using it got a low speed error where the belt on the machine simply won't move.

I tried shutting it off and on but nothing.

I am thinking of returning it, but they better not make me pay for the repacking fee on their crappy product!!

Feb 15, 2010
Stopped working after 2 days
by: Anonymous

I got my SOLE treadmill 2/12/10 and today, 2/15/10, it doesn't work.

The product already came with the left side hand grip missing and now after only using it for 2 days, it has stopped working.

I even decided on getting the F80 over the F63 because I thought it would last longer. Ha, guess that was a wrong assumption.

Now I paid all this money for something that doesn't work. Great.

May 01, 2009
Piece of Junk
by: Anonymous

I have an F63 Sole treadmill which has done nothing but give me a headache since very shortly after I purchased it.

Sole sent out a replacement "computer" for it...and it is acting up AGAIN.

It is rarely used...and all I get are "LOW SPEED" errors, where the treadmill just stops, after about 6-7 seconds on. It seems a lot of people also have this problem.


Dec 23, 2008
Sole Low Speed Error
by: Tom Petersen

We bought a Sole Treadmill and it stop working with a low speed error.

I am very dissatisfied with the product.

It has been lightly used.

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