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Hebb Trimline 7200-1

by Jerry
(Winterville, NC)

Searching for help and stumbled across your page.

I TOTALLY agree on the Trimline 7200.

Mine's from 2000 and has finally developed an electrical problem that my brother thinks is the circuit board.

He's an electrician and tested the motor - perfect. But he doesn't do circuit boards, especially as he calls mine a 2-sided circuit board.

I found a refurbished board that looks identical to my on fitnessrepairpartscom but the price approaches $300.

If it works I would jump on it but it that's not the problem, their testing & restocking fees are about 50%.

Any ideas on resources for troubleshooting?

P.S. My wife wants me to just toss it but I LOVE this treadmill and after 16 years of faithful service, I feel it's worth fixing.

Thank You.

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