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Golds Gym 450 Treadmill Review

Golds Gym 450 Treadmill

Golds Gym 450 Treadmill

The Golds Gym 450 treadmill provides excellent value for a treadmill below $300.

But don’t expect this machine to be very durable. Although it provides great value it is still an entry level treadmill and entry level treadmills doesn't last very long.

Is It Right for You?

This machine is perfect for people who are looking for a budget treadmill. However, if you’re a runner, I don’t think this machine is for you. It is made from cheap parts so I doubt that it can handle the pressure of running. If you really want a treadmill built for runners, please visit our best buy treadmills page and choose a machine in the $1,500 or above price range.

What the Golds Gym 450 offers?

One of the key selling points of this machine is its 6 pre-programmed workouts. These personal trainer workouts automatically adjust the speed and incline of your exercise depending on your goals. Or you can just input your weight, number of calories you want to burn and how long you want to workout and then press go and you’ll get a workout that fits to your objective.

The G Force 2.5 HP motor gives just enough power for walking or some very light jogging. It comes with Quickspeed technology that allows you to jump from 0-10mph with a push of a button. A power incline feature is also included so you can increase your intensity by doing uphill exercises.

The 18” x 50” tread belt is pretty basic. Most budget treadmills you’ll find usually offer this much running area. Its belt also uses StepTech impact reducing cushioning. It lessen joint pains normally associated with running on concrete surface.

The blue tinted LCD display shows your speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse while the 5” x 7” workout matix displays your exercises graphically. These features allow you to keep track of your progress during workouts.

Other features include a CoolAir workout fan which keeps you cool and comfortable especially during those long and grueling workouts, and the dual-grip BodyPulse heart rate monitor that reads your pulse which is perfect for people who does heart rate exercises.


Just like other budget treadmills, biggest weakness of this machine is its quality and warranty. It comes with poor quality which is to be expected with all entry-level treadmills which is also the reason why its manufacturer only backs up this machine’s motor for 5 years and its parts for 90 days.


I would recommend the Golds Gym 450 treadmill but only to those looking for a starter treadmill. If you are a serious runner, this unit is not for you. I suggest you use our best buy treadmills page to find a treadmill that fits you need.


Cost: $299.00

Motor: 2.5 HP Drive Motor

Running Deck: 50”L x 18”W

Speed: 0 to 10 mph Quick Speed

Incline: up to 10% Power Incline

Foldable: Yes

Heart Rate: Yes

Maximum User Weight: 275 lbs

Warranty: 5 year motor, 90 days parts and labor

• BodyPulse Heart Rate Monitor
• 6 pre-programmed workouts
• Blue-tinted LCD display
• CoolAire Workout Fan
• StepTech impact reducing cushioning

Where to Buy?

If you plan on buying a Golds Gym 450, I suggest you buy from They offer the lowest price on the net. You can get it for just $299.00

As an alternative, just in case Walmart doesn't have this on stock(usually due to high demands), the Golds Gym 480 is an excellent substitute.

Click here to read our review of the Golds Gym 480 Treadmill

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Mrs. Brown 
I brought my treadmill a year ago, and today it will work for about 2 min. then it stops in the middle of my work out. What is there for me to do? Please …

I bought this treadmill 4 days ago and was finally able to assemble it today....Sunday. It doesn't work! NO Power. NO Movement of anything. NOTHING. …

I recieved my treadmill yesterday we hooked it up and there is no power to it, not a noise, a light nothing!! Anyone else have this problem? If you have …

broken incline motor 
I purchased this treadmill and after it was put together it ran fine but then I noticed that the incline would only go higher and not lower. Once the incline …

I have had one for a month and am pleased with the basic functions. It is not very accurate for pulse but it was under $400. There is no light on the display, …

Gold's Gym 450 
I don't have an opinion, just wondering if someone could tell me the size of this treadmill when it is folded up. Please let me know: …

Dead on Arrival 
After assembly the belt on this treadmill would not turn. After talking with customer support and waiting 10 days for a new controller board to arrive, …

I have a very small budget and don't want to spend over 500$ on a treadmill. This treadmill seems to be okay for the price. All I want to do is some …

Open the box first. 
I just bought one of these this afternoon at Walmart. I opened the box and removed his treadmill. I removed the unit and noticed some broken pieces of …

I think this is a perfect treadmill. I guess I always looked at treadmills for weight loss and cardio. I felt like this article worded very degradingly. …

Orion The Hunter 
I hope it is a good starter. I bought one for my hunting partner so she can build up her endurance for those early morning hunts. OtH --------- …

Power Not working after assembly 
I purchased the 450 from WalMart. It was easy to assemble except for one problem. It does not work. I checked the wiring. I opened the panel per the troubleshooting …

Easy To Use 
We bought it from Walmart and are pleased so far. It was easy to set up and it is easy to use. We are both 70 so it will likely outlive us! It does not …

We just recieved our new treadmill from Wal-Mart for $378.00 plus shippping $50.00 I am not sure what the author of this review meant by poor quality? …

computer table Not rated yet
It there any computer table attachments available for this treadmill?

Florida Gal Not rated yet
I have had this model 450 for 4 years. (60 yr young woman) It works fine. At first, the incline would only raise up. I called Customer Service, a treadmill …

Love our Golds 450 Not rated yet
We have owned our Golds 450 for 3 years and it is still going strong. Never had a problem with it from day 1. I have lost 45 lbs using it and hubby …

Love the treadmill Not rated yet
I bought this treadmill off of craigslist and they never used it. Well I use it everyday and I just love it. I usually speed walk 8-10 miles a day but, …

Buyer Beware Not rated yet
We bought from Walmart for $299,used it for 4 months before it stopped working.When we called customer service we find the controll board is gone and the …

I had the 450 treadmill contoller broke 2 in only 4 months Not rated yet
I was very disappointed with this treadmill and especially walmarts service it is horrible i will never buy a high end product from them again..Gold gym …

Awesome Treadmill Not rated yet
I bought mine from Wal Mart over 2 years ago, and have been using daily since with never a hint of an issue. When I started I weighed over 300 pounds, …

450 treadmill Not rated yet
This is great for walking and walking fast.

A piece of crap Not rated yet
I wish I would have read this before I purchase this piece of crap. The screen has gone out, and even though I weight under the 275 limit everytime I try …

not from walmart Not rated yet
I ordered this threadmill from walmart when it arrive i was so dissappointed it was banged up scratched everywhere and the bottom had rip or cut of some …

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Don't waste your money Not rated yet
I purchased this treadmill a year ago. While the extra features are nice like the fan, the so called impact reduction does NOT exist on this thing. I …

DONT BUY IT!!!!! Not rated yet

piece of junk Not rated yet
i bought this treadmill a year ago from walmart,it was ok the first few months than when i started using it 3 times a week it broke.good thing i got the …

DOA!!! Not rated yet
My Boyfriend assembled this today and this thing has ZERO power ...its horrible, and I see we aren't the first to go through this!!! Wow Golds Gym come …

Gold Gym 450 Not rated yet
I definitely would not recommend this product and wish someone would have told me before I bought it!!!!!!!!!!

piece of crap Not rated yet
i have used this machine for four months and the board between the belt broke I am 168lb

No complaints Not rated yet
I bought this unit at Wal-mart. When I started to use it I weighed about 270 lbs. I have had the unit 2 years and have had no problems yet.

Garbage Not rated yet
I bought this treadmill about 11 months ago at WalMart. I have used it almost every day. I weigh 190 lbs. 11 months in it started to WHINE very loudly. …

No display after four months Not rated yet
The warranty is very inadequate! The replacement part was 2/3 of the cost-what a rip off!

Review. Its no good. Crapped out on me.  Not rated yet
I ran on it 2-3 times a week for about 3 miles. The display board went out first. Within 6 months the motor went out. I will never buy from Golds …

NO POWER!!! Not rated yet
After setting up the treadmill, there is no power. We went through the "trouble shooting" section several times.... I wanted to see if they had further …

Perfect for us!!! Not rated yet
We lucked up at Walmart and got ours for 199.99 marked down, we couldn't be happier

Don't Waste Your Money Not rated yet
I purchased this machine brand new and when I got it put together the incline didn't work. I called the support line that was listed only to be told it …

Budget treadmill Not rated yet
I have been diligently searching for a somewhat of a budget treadmill yet one that could easily allow me a workout to increase my at home activities/exercises. …

Gold Gym 450 Not rated yet
It is a decent treadmill. Why pay big bucks for these extravagant machines when you don't need to. The 450 does all that I need and then some. It's a good …

Not a good choice Not rated yet
I bought the treadmill from WalMart. I did not notice the 90 day warranty when I purchased it. After 9 months of constantly using it. The machine just …

Belt Starts to Slip Not rated yet
We have this treadmill and after a year of jogging 5mph on it, it started a light tug or slip. After two weeks it just got worse and I'm pretty sure the …

After about a year Not rated yet
My husband and I bought it about a year ago. He uses it for running (I'm more of a walker). After a year or so (with only a limited use) a metal piece …

Gold's Gym 450 Is A Winner Not rated yet
I am 66 years old and I bought the 450 Treadmill for exercise. I bought it at Wal-Mart and had it assembled in less than a hour. You must remember to …

Great buy Not rated yet
Great buy for $400. Really seeing the benefits of using it. If you are a beginner (as I am) this treadmill comes with an easy to understand monitor.

Putting it to the test...soon/ Not rated yet
I have read thru all the entries here., and like anything...some love it, some hate it. All say set up was easy (yea!!) , but there seem to be a few that …

joe runner Not rated yet
I have had this treadmill for only two weeks, it seems fine to me. I am only a part time runner, so far I am very satisfied with it.

Well-worth it. Not rated yet
I bought this treadmill for running. So far, there have been no issues. I disagree with the review, which states that the treadmill is only appropriate …

gold gym 450 not worth it Not rated yet
I had one for 3 months and 5 days then the motor controller goes out and they won't replace it. I can not get warranty service through phone so I have …

Great Treadmill For The Price Not rated yet
I've been shopping online for a treadmill under $500.00 and found this to be the best value, with the features it described. So I bought it at Walmart …

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satisfied Not rated yet
Just bought this today. It was easy to assemble and everything works great. My wife loves it.

Poor quality 4-1-08 Not rated yet
We just bought this 450 treadmill today, it was easy to put together. After turning it on it started raising and that's all it did. We had to unplug it …

Starter home based treadmill Not rated yet
I wanted to start out with a low cost treadmill so that is why I got the 450. I am not a runner. The display really disappoints me. I am never sure …

Golds Gym 450 Not rated yet
I recieved one for Christmas, replacing the one I had for 12 years. My husband put it together, the instructions were easy to follow and it was also …

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