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DP/Fit for Life Lifestryder 3325

There's really nothing good to say when the operational key is not inserted and yet it powers on and injures severely the hand and fingers of a 4 year old by catching his pajamas and pulling his little arm under the rolling belt that has engaged without proper safety features intact. Do not know if this model has been discontinued but can not bring up any info on unit of any kind.

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May 08, 2017
About faulty safety switch - 1987 DP Lifestrider 7233
by: CIAMyth

I have a circa 1987 DP Lifestrider 7233.

I found this page when trying to correct a reset button that continues to pop when trying to go over 3m.p.h.

There is very little info on these treadmills as you stated. I wish someone who use to work for DP would start a blog to help remaining owners.

Anyway your problem with the machine starting by itself w/o the on/off key. Unplug treadmill and lay on walking area.

Look up at bottom of console right under where key goes. You should see a small silver square with a black dot.

That black dot is a fragile plastic screw that I was told adjust the key sensitivity.

Best tool would be a glasses repair kit Philips head screwdriver. Or the smallest one in your toolbox.

Hope this helps.

Mar 06, 2017
Messy kid
by: Anonymous

I'm pretty sure the child messing with the treadmill played a part in the child getting hurt also.... Can't blame the company totally when you allow your child to mess with something they shouldn't

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