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Loved mine,

I love mine, it never missed a beat. IT's two years old now and I use it every day.

Continue reading "Loved mine, "

Proform Pro 1000 Treadmill

Review on Proform Pro 1000 Treadmill

Continue reading "Proform Pro 1000 Treadmill"

Lifespan Pursuit and Pacer

Hi, I'm in my 20's, around 70kg and 165cm. I was looking for something to help me shed some unwanted weight about a year ago in 2016. I couldn't afford

Continue reading "Lifespan Pursuit and Pacer"

Horizon Adventure 3 from Amazon Japan

Honestly, I'm in a total state of shock, & i'm about to vent my irritation. I'm in Japan, I'm here a lot. I need to train regularly and walking is a

Continue reading "Horizon Adventure 3 from Amazon Japan"

Pacemaster Plus II Owner for over 16 years

I bought a Pacemaster Plus II treadmill more than 16 years ago. At one point it time, albeit briefly, it served as a clothes hanger, but generally,

Continue reading "Pacemaster Plus II Owner for over 16 years"


Plug keeps coming off the treadmill with more intense speed. It is ok if you are using it at 7kph or below. But once you hit 8kph, and above you won't

Continue reading "Gintell"

Horizon Fitness TSC2 treadmill

We have had this model for years, and it has worked great and been very reliable. Easy to use. At one point after several years, the belt started

Continue reading "Horizon Fitness TSC2 treadmill"

Cardio Mode

My 8700SST is about 25 years old and gets daily use in the cardio mode. My problem is that the sampling rate is too slow, about every 15 seconds, so

Continue reading "Cardio Mode"

my endurance treadmill

i have had my endurance treadmill for 2 years and i must say its the best one i have ever owned - its reliable, quiet to use the the cushioning for running

Continue reading "my endurance treadmill"

needs incline motor and gear box - pacemaster pro select

We have the pacemaster pro select. It has been a great unit. 14 years old. The incline gear box has packed it in and we need a replacement part. Ser#

Continue reading "needs incline motor and gear box - pacemaster pro select"

Confidence-Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

Review on Confidence-Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

Continue reading "Confidence-Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill"

Horizon 3.3t

Purchased machine in 2009 it has never given me a problem. Used mostly for running. Good machine.

Continue reading "Horizon 3.3t"

Yes! it is worth buying I have had mine between 10 and 15 years and still runs great

Had mine a long time. Use it regularly, sometimes 10 miles in one day. Amazing it got such a bad article. Only thing I ever had to replace on it

Continue reading "Yes! it is worth buying I have had mine between 10 and 15 years and still runs great"

Vintage Pacemaster still going strong

I have had a Pacemaster Treadmill since 1990 and it works just as great today as it did when I bought it. Also had many years of wonderful performance

Continue reading "Vintage Pacemaster still going strong"

Solid, reliable home treadmill???

Hi: We bought an expensive ($4100) True 550HRCO in 2005. It works well enough, but will occasionally stop abruptly (circuit breaker on the unit trips)

Continue reading "Solid, reliable home treadmill???"

terrible customer service

The cushion deck is great, but customer service is terrible. So if you get a defective treadmill, you are basically screwed. I wish we never upgraded.

Continue reading "terrible customer service"

reebok v4500 impact absortion

I do like this model tread we have used and never had any problems with it it works great but it does weigh a lot and you need two people to move it that's

Continue reading "reebok v4500 impact absortion"

Brand New Evo fx2 for Sale

Hey, I have been trying to sell my Evo fx2 which is in like new shape but twice now I have been told they read your review which told them not to buy

Continue reading "Brand New Evo fx2 for Sale"

Weslo Cadence 860 is working fine

We have had ours for a while also at least 5 years or more and the thing still runs at full speed. my wife is on it and walking and running for 1 or

Continue reading "Weslo Cadence 860 is working fine"

Sexy Abs Galleries

The Hottest Sexy Abs Pics on the Net. Inspirational images of sexy abs of both Men and Women.

Continue reading "Sexy Abs Galleries"

Image 19.0Q

We purchased the Image 19.0Q 9 years ago. We use it for walking not running. On average it is used 2 times a week anywhere from 2 to 4 miles each time,

Continue reading "Image 19.0Q"

very worthwhile

I bought mine at a yard sale two and a half years ago walk 5 miles every night on it it works great

Continue reading "very worthwhile"

Sole F80

Bought this unit from Sears. Less than 1 year of running 3-4 times per week at 7 MPH, our electric breaker would trip. Determined this was because

Continue reading "Sole F80"

Tunturi J4F Treadmill Review

Tunturi J4F Treadmill boasts heart rate controlled workouts for a treadmill just above $1,500.

Continue reading "Tunturi J4F Treadmill Review"

Not the value I thought it was

I purchased this treadmill used on Craigslist for $350 two years ago. The former owner had it for ten years, paid $1500 for it and only put 9 miles

Continue reading "Not the value I thought it was"

Smooth fitness 965LC

I am a female; 50 years old, I mainly use the treadmill in the winter. I am a marathon runner; bought in 2011, I felt it was overpriced but the warranty

Continue reading "Smooth fitness 965LC"

20 year owner

I've had this treadmill for close to 20 years and use it everyday. I walk 40 min, can't run or jog since I'm in an upper duplex and the noise bothers

Continue reading "20 year owner"

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